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For those who want to earn in hard currency F.I.R.E. fund

The fund consists of a set of algorithmic strategies. They are diversified between themselves. This make it real to obtain returns regardless of the state of the market above the S&P.

Estimated profitability and drawdown

–30 — +90 annual

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For those who want to multiply personal Bitcoin capital PURE CRYPTO

We have BTC base currency fund. It consists of option and algorithmic strategies to generate BTC returns.

Estimated profitability and drawdown

–50 — +150% annual

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For those who take risks for the X's

Sky DeFi investment fund has a portfolio of coins of the most promising decentralized companies with the potential to multiply their value.

Estimated profitability and drawdown

–100% — +500%

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For those who want a personal touch PERSONAL ACCOUNT

An individual approach to achieve your investment goals. We will help to select option and algorithmic strategies in accordance with the target profitability and risk tolerance.

Estimated profitability and drawdown

By agreement

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Our team

  • Andrew Tonkolytko, Chief executive officer
  • Oleksii Koval, Portfolio manager
  • Bohdan Pustovar, Portfolio manager
  • Vitalii Khudyi, Portfolio manager
  • Kateryna Sichkaryk, COO
  • Liubov Berezovska, Recruiter
  • Bogdan Ivaniuk, CTO
  • Ilya Nazimov, Portfolio manager
  • Denys, Legal advisor

Investors and Media

  • 11 September, 2019

    “I don’t feel as confident with any fund as with yours. There’s an experience to compare. Andrey's words and deeds show the professionalism, consistency, openness and concern for investors".

  • 01 November, 2017

    “…The Fund adheres to the principles of transparent work with clients, and also guarantees the anonymity of investor’s private information. Crypto Art manages investment assets, choosing the optimal balance between revenues and risks in an unstable cryptocurrency market".

  • 6 October, 2019

    "I think your reports are useful, always necessary, and very informative… I like that the fund tries not to give up despite the market situation and come up with some new ideas and strategies, so this is 10 points out of 10”.

  • 10 October, 2017

    “… In the first month of the fund's existence, investors earned 48% profit. When Bitcoin depreciated in September 2017, Crypto Art was one of the few funds who maintained a positive balance of income".


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You have become a Crypto Art investor! Now you can see the actual investment results in monthly reports.


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