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How about using innovative
technologies of algorithmic trading
on the cryptomarket
for maximum
Or time-tried and trusted portfolio
to lower risks?
Crypto Art investment fund has
combined these solutions

Algorithmic trading





We’ve put together a reliable mechanism consisting of
Benefits of the contemporary
Markovitz portfolio investment
Profitable option strategies
algo-trading developments
Direct OTC trading
IEO administered by a crypto exchange
And set it for peak working productivity
in the super-lucrative cryptocurrency market
Why do we prefer to use algorithms and not the manual trading?

A person is susceptible to emotional decisions


Cannot monitor the market and make deals 24/7


Loses focus and gets distracted


Human reaction time is limited


A person can analyze from 4 to 7 units on information at a single time


Doesn’t always follow the strategy unbiased


Fails in strategy following lead to lower testing and optimization efficiency


All the actions are done manually


A person can ignore risk-management


The decision on purchasing/selling is made based upon limited amount of factors

Algorithm complements the talent of it’s creator
Increases the quality of trading
Automates 95% of processes

Algorithms are not susceptible to emotions


They do not sleep and can trade 24/7


They do not lose focus and do not get distracted


Algorithm can instantly detect and react on price changes and trading signals


It can analyze thousands of charts and indicators simultaneously


Strictly follows a given strategy


An algorithmic strategy has much more options for testing and optimization: in/out of sample testing, stress and test/forward.


Strategy performance in different market circumstances can be measured in specific statistical indicators.


It automatizes the consummation of trading deals on signals


Algorithms strictly follows risk-management rules


Gathers and analyses historical data automatically


Directly connected with exchange service via API


Analyzes the information unbiased


Can monitor about 2.5 billion of price changes a day

Low correlation of fund’s results with the cryptocurrency market

We are using methods and strategies that proved their efficiency for companies with billions in management

6 years of experience in cryptocurrency investments

We are pioneers of algotrading on the cryptomarket.

7 reasons to invest
in the algorithmic fund logo

We base our asset management upon research of Nobel prize winners and Oxford professors

We hedge risks with options

Team of algotrading practitioners

We are using strategies that Oxford recommend
to companies with billions of dollars in management
What kind of algorithms does the Crypto Art portfolio include
Trend-following strategies
Making money by predicting the market trend

The goal of ideal system is to react to tendencies and ignore random price fluctuations.

To use the best moment for entering the market by analyzing signals and their meaning as well as increasing the possibility of a correct prognosis slightly earlier than others.

See how?
Risk-management strategies
Making money minimizing risks

We eliminate the chance of losses beyond planned amounts.

Risk management is implemented on both single algorithm and whole portfolio levels.

It gives a positive outcome even in case of only 30% of positive deals.

See how?
HIgh frequency trading
Making money on
market inefficiencies

Our strategies systematically exploit short-lived market inefficiencies. For example, there can be discrepancies of prices in USD/BTC/LTC trio. We can make profit on fast purchases and sales USD - BTC - LTC - USD in this case.

Discrepancies in prices are small, but big volumes and amount of deal make sure that such strategies are viable for the Crypto Art portfolio.

See how?
Innovative approach to the
algorithmic portfolio management
Being used since recently in The Goldman Sachs Group and other companies of global renown

The Crypto Art portfolio consists of a set of algorithms working simultaneously in accordance to different strategies with different assets.

The low correlation of given algorithms between themselves and with the market lowers the risk of falling into the red.

We have tested more than 50 algorithmic strategies upon the main efficiency criterion — “maximal profit under minimal risks”.

Markovitz portfolio theory

Our high-profit portfolio is formed using the Markovitz portfolio theory principles.

Its structure is created taking the expected profit/ratio into account.

Modern portfolio theory allows us to calculate an ideal allocation for profit instruments with low mutual correlation.

IEO’s, OTS trading

Appropriately chosen IEO’s allow us to exclude scam projects and get profit “X-es’.

OTS trading allows us to increase the efficiency and avoid hardships with fulfilment in different exchange services.

Option strategies that we have developed allow us to gain unlimited profit our of the basic asset growth.

Why is it important to test algorithms correctly
90% of algorithms

statistically show X-es during the testing stage, but drain real deposit

Why does it happen?

Because algorithm’s settings are being artificially dovetailed
to match historical data

How does the dovetailing occur?

That someone has bought Bitcoin at a price of $400 and sold it at $20,000. Even better — shorted at $20,000 and leased at $3350.

Profit out of $1000
would be $91,625.

Do you know any such fellows?

These are unrealistic settings used by 90% of algorithms. They are not viable in the real market.

That is why we act different.
What results does our
algorithmic portfolio demonstrate

Profitability is a main indicator of fund’s performance, but sophisticated investors usually take one more indicator into consideration

Sharpe ratio — it measures the profitability of financial instruments adjusted for risks


— Algorithm profitability

— market values

9 983.59
8 750.00
7 500.00
6 250.00
5 000.00
3 750.00
2 500.00
1 250.00

Profitability: 8.03% monthly

Sharpe ratio: 4,77




— Algorithm profitability

— market values

2 252.44
1 750.00
1 500.00
1 250.00
1 000.00

Profitability: 8.03% monthly

Sharpe ratio: 4,77




— Algorithm profitability

— market values


Profitability: 6.35% monthly

Sharpe ratio: 3,73




— Algorithm profitability

— market values

4 247.48
4 000.00
3 500.00
3 000.00
2 500.00
2 000.00
1 000.00

Profitability: 23.66% monthly

Sharpe ratio: 4,12




— Algorithm profitability

— market values

11 836.19
10 500.00
9 000.00
7 500.00
6 000.00
4 500.00
3 000.00
2 500.00

Profitability: 6.35% в monthly

Sharpe ratio: 3,73



Доходность - главный показатель результативности фонда,
но искушенные инвесторы смотрят на еще один:

Коэффициент Шарпа - измеряет доходность финансовых
инструментов с поправкой на риск.

How do we train the algorithm?

After creating an algorithm model, it’s time to test it. During the “in sample” testing, the algorithm learns 50-75% of the known amount of historical data on price changes.

The algorithm chooses its best parameters of buying/selling signals according to its economic logic.

Sharpe ratio can help to evaluate the results of the algorithm. It measures risk-adjusted return.

How do we evaluate the algorithm?

The second type of testing is “out of sample”. It shows whether the algorithm can be used on real funds.

The algorithm is tested for historical values which are unknown to it. These values consist at least 25% of the data from the learned massive. At the same time, the Sharpe ratio should not change by more than 20% of the “in sample” results.

Unfortunately, few people use this type of testing. So, the results of back-tests and actual results are differing drastically.

How do we evaluate the algorithm according to declining and growing market?

Attention! Algorithm evaluation during the “out of sample” testing has no sense if “out of sample” can’t be tested in a different market conditions.

Therefore, the last checkpoint in determining the viability of the algorithm is “out of sample”. It can be used at the abnormally growing and abnormally declining markets.

We take the algorithm in the portfolio only if the Sharpe ratio changes by no more than 20% of the “in sample: indicators.

Algoportfolio results

Crypto Art today shows perfect results. With the help of algorithmic management, we can predict the future profitability of the portfolio.

You have the opportunity to join our results now.

Become an investor in the most rapidly developing market and make a predictable profit with us.

Become an investor in the most rapidly developing market and make a predictable profit with us.

How do we ensure the portfolio’s profitability
We calculate the expected profitability just like an experienced architect creates a building project
Complex market analysis

Daily complex fundamental, technical & market measure analysis

Creation of a trading algorithms

Creation of a trading algorithms portfolio based on proven market patterns with clear signals.

Low-correlating algorithms

Choosing of low-correlating algorithms for the portfolio in order to lower the share volatility

In sample testing

In-sample testing to discover the most profitable algorithm parameters

Algorithm optimization

Algorithm computer optimization in order to select the most profitable of them

Out-of-sample testing

Out-of-sample testing to prove profitability

Testing under different market

Testing under different market circumstances

Markovitz modern portfolio strategy

Markovitz modern portfolio strategy allows us to calculate the most profitable distribution of assets by algorithms

Risky? We know it
That is why we minimize this risk with reliable instruments
1 / 6
Risk management module
2 / 6
Hedging of market counter movements with option contracts
3 / 6
Using of market-neutral strategies
4 / 6
In-algorithm money-management:
Decrease of transactions volume in case of series of red deals
Increase of transaction volume in case of series of green deals
5 / 6
Stress testing
6 / 6
Risk prediction
If you do not really understand all those intricacies,
here are the main points:
We meticulously choose the most profitable
algorithmic strategies
We develop and test them competently
Our algorithms do not depend on “market weather”
For you it means that:
We have a lot of algorithms and they act together
to achieve your goals
You have all the chances to earn
profit working with us
After sending a request you will get:

Detailed instruction on cooperation
with our fund


Answers to your


Fund’s financial


Possibility to invest
and get profit

What do the media say about us
How do I become
a Crypto Art investor?
Choose your
terms of cooperation
Purchase fund
shares with BTC
You’ve just become an investor
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Take profits.
Terms of cooperation
Of a profit gets our investor

Favourable profit distribution

1 year
Minimal investment term

Long-term strategy

Low entry treshold

Minimal investment size

1 month
Constant source of income

Possibility to withdraw profit each month

Аsset management fee

Minimal fee

Early exit fee

Lack of heavy fines

We never profit from investors losing their money.
Our income depends upon the success of deals.
Andrew Tonkolytko

Crypto Art
managing partner

11 years

Of investment experience, including USA stock market

6 years

Of cryptocurrency and ICO investments experience

$10 mln

Experience of managing huge portfolios

Leading algorithmic trading expert in post-CIS

Quantitative Crypto Art portfolio manager

Successful trading and investment experience on classic fund markets NYSE and Nasdaq

Working experience in Hold Brothers, one of the largest trading companies in USA

Participated as a lecturer in top-level thematic conferences, was sharing stage with Tone Vays and Rodger Ver

Participates in thematic conferences all over the world: New York, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, Tallinn, Singapore

Graduated the Higher Business School, one of the most respectable business schools in Ukraine. Defended a “High-risk investment fund” graduation project.

Learned a portfolio manager specialization in University of Geneva under UBB Asset Management standards.

Graduated the Said Business School of the University of Oxford with a degree in “Algorithmic trading”


chief executive officer




chief operating officer




portfolio manager


algorithmic trader




chief technical officer

Fund team
We are always looking to recruit talented employees.

If you want to join our team,
please contact us.


Not at all. After you contact the fund’s manager, it would take about half an hour to solve all the questions and complete the investment process.

First of all, our team consists of experienced employees, working the cryptocurrency market for years and constantly improving as professionals. Fund’s CEO possesses a massive amount of experience in classic fund market; all of the abovementioned points to the high level of understanding of investment climate principles.

What is equally important, we use our own cutting-edge technologies, such as algorithmic trading, increasing their efficiency over time, which gives us a big advantage over our “manual trading” competitors.

The combination of classical investment experience with newest technological novelties allows our activity to be more efficient.

Public offer contract, possibility of dispute solving by Stockholm arbitration court.

We try to make our fund’s activity as transparent as possible for our investors, send reports and publish news about us.

We honestly notify our investors about all the risks of cryptocurrency investments and protect them from inappropriate use of funds.

We do everything possible to make each fund participant understand all the existing risks and take a concsious and well-though-out decision on investments.

We send a detailed report on news and results of our fund, share price, and portfolio structure to our investors on 20th of each month. Besides, we are currently developing a new and improved version of investor’s personal account which would allow to track the fund’s activity anytime you want.

You can ask us everything you want about the fund’s activity by contacting our Customer Care service.

It is fairly easy. We have prepared a couple of instructions that will help you complete this process step-by-step.

To invest in our fund, you have to purchase a required amount of Bitcoins first and then purchase fund’s shares with them.

To get more detailed information please follow the link to the FAQ section

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