About us – Crypto Art
Innovative. Secure. Beneficial.
Crypto Art is a digital asset trust management fund.

Crypto Art helps private investors to gain profits in the most aggressive but most lucrative environment — the cryptocurrency market.

In order to do that, we have fully automatized company’s activity, from asset management and operational decisions to decision-making process.

Algorithms help to our fund to organize it’s activities and make progress.

We are certain that this approach will create a basis for development and prosperity of our company in the years to come.

Crypto Art philosophy.

In the Crypto Art philosophy a person comes first, because we aim towards creating a secure financial future.

“What goals does our client have? How can we reach them?” — these are the questions guiding us in making decisions.

After they are answered, we propose ways to reach those goals. We work for a secure financial future in the cryptocurrency market. Our company changes constantly, it evolves, but the main focus is always at safe asset management: minimizing risks and maximizing profits.

This is how Crypto Art acts.


We have a vision of our mission — it is to make
the cryptocurrency investment market more professional
and get it to a whole new level.
Corporate culture:

There is a principle of meritocracy in the core of our corporate culture: when we search for new employees the first things we look for are actual and evident abilities of candidates, not for their regalia or jobs list. That is why our team consists of people who really can and love doing their job.

Our results directly reflect the way we do things. We are firmly convinced that good results can be achieved only if the team vibe is one of transparency, full openness, and full honesty. Any discrepancies must be brought up for discussion, any problems and difficulties must be perceived as inherent steps of the way to success and growth. Only this way can professional eminences be achieved.

Our fund is a team of idealists with practical thinking. We set hard and ambitious goals for ourselves to get top results and apply our philosophy in practice to reach these goals.

Our activity constantly changes and morphs by the effect of gathering more and more experience of positive decisions; we do not just memorize them and record into a notepad, we continually test them on all levels, collective and individual. No conclusion stays carven in stone: the meritocracy principle we use requires us to put these conclusions to work constantly, bringing new decisions and thoughts; they’re like our assets in this regard.

We build our activity upon
following business principles:
Laws of business teach us that only consistent and honest activity can bring long-term success. Crypto Art follows this strategy in all endeavours.
for evolution
Those who supported us and trusted in us will never lose our support in return. Our clients feel care and respect at each point of communication.
“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” Steve Jobs once said. We share this vision and follow it in making any decisions.
to our clients
Each member of the Crypto Art family constantly develops his personal and professional qualities, following the zeitgeist. As a result, the company is growing too. We are proud of our employees!