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Crypto Art company history

No one becomes the best by accident.

“I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed”, Michael Jordan once said. Of course, the basketball superstar has simplified the global picture a bit: he didn’t mention countless exhausting training sessions, working with the best coaches, and constant development. However, he did point out the main thesis. Collide with a hardship, survive the damage, find a new way, evolve, repeat indefinitely. Perseverance and tenacity — here are the main ingredients of the “Champion” cocktail for you.

This is a story about us becoming the best.

It all started back in 2015 — not that long ago to be honest, even though now it seems that a couple of decades has passed since then.

Back then I was closely monitoring the development of a Bitcoin cryptocurrency and it kept drawing more and more of my attention by the day. I was no beginner at the financial market, but the more I gained insight of this new phenomenon, the clearer it became that my previous knowledge and experience can be only partially applicable to it. And I was eager to gain understangind — my instincts told that it is very perspective.

That is why I went to a Kiev conference summit on blockchain technologies. Never regretted it after: it had my eyes opened to a lot of cryptocurrency aspects that eluded my attention, or, because of lack of experience and understanding, were pushed aside. For example, before this summit happened, I’ve never gave any thought to other cryptocurrencies beside the Bitcoin, and suddenly I realized that their name is legion. And each of them has its own intricacies, hordes of supporters and haters, passionately arguing whether it would be successful or not.

It turned out that cryptocurrencies are a very interesting investment instrument, and this realization has finally convinced me to dive into this topic. After all, I already possessed some investment experience, and technical analysis practices were hard-wired into my brain by New York stock market trading, NASDAQ and AMEX, and I’ve never shunned learning something new.

This is how the long and meticulous process of learning began.

I cannot say for certain how many analytic articles and video tutorials I had to shovel up back then. Not just flip through, but learn thoughtfully, recording interesting or not understandable moments. Of course, just as with any other massive of data, most of the information inside those articles and videos was, let’s say, subjective, and even questionable sometimes, but you can learn to sort the wheat from the chaff only after a while. So I had enthusiastically grinded away at my studies until I felt that no new knowledge could be extracted from the theoretical part and that the further development is possible only in practice.

I’m sure you understand and probable share the feeling of difficulty during the switch between studying theory and real actions: it constantly looks like you didn’t learn enough, that you should spend more time with sources and expert opinions; this trap has consumed a lot of endeavours. The truth is that at some point you have to say “Stop” to yourself and simply start doing something. Otherwise you risk to stay a theoretician forever.

I signed up at a cryptocurrency exchange and began my familiarize myself with it.

I tried to be very careful at first — had a lot of examples of numerous newly-minted “investors” who decided to storm the cryptomarket with a swoop, invested all they had into some promising (or so they though) project and very soon were left with nothing. My investing and financial experience has taught me that one must act quickly and decisively only when there are substantial reasons for that.

I’ve got such reasons after another conference summit, in Lviv this time. One of the speakers was a developer for the Ethereum cryptocurrency (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?). His speech was a signal for me: “That’s it, that’s exactly the possibility I was waiting for”.

I’ve decided to invest in Ethereum, and the future has shown that my calculations were right — this investment has brought me about several hundred percent of profit in several weeks.

Such a successful beginning could easily infatuate a lot of heads, but I understood clearly, how fast does the situation in the cryptomarket changes with each day and each hour, that is why I decided to implement a system approach instead of blindly investing.

I needed a good strategy; however, I didn’t like the idea of using old practices learned by working traditional financial markets (I still used some of their principles later, though). I decided to create my own strategies by combining old knowledges with information I obtained from the cryptocurrency media. Perhaps these principles were floating at the surface, but it was me who was able to combine them into working mechanisms for profit making.

About that time I’ve understood that cryptocurrencies have become my main activity and focused all my attention and efforts on them. It was a hard but interesting period — drawbacks followed successes, but every time I was able to regain my positions and keep evolving thanks to my thought out planning.

At first I was working mainly within the day trading frame. However, as experience showed me, mid-term trading and long-term investment could be much more profitable, if you spare no time and no efforts on meticulous analysis. Finally, I’ve focused all my activity at them.

All my successes, losses and development were inside the limits of my own activity until one day my acquaintances began to offer me their money for management. I didn’t immediately jump to it, because I understood quite well how would my level of responsibility and global management approach change in case I yield my consent. You can experiment and take risks as much as you want when you work with your own money, however, you cannot do the same with others’ money, they are not given to you for experimenting.

That is why I had to reject such offers at first, until I discovered that there are no more reasons to do that. I know the market, I have instruments and abilities and taking investments looks like a logical next step on the road of progress, and if I ignore it any further I would fall into stagnation. And I think of myself as a man of action, so I began to accept these offers.

Well, that’s it, right? Success, happy ending, that’s how Crypto Art emerged and lived happily ever after, blossoming and evolving, eh?

Real hardships were just about to cross the horizon.

First of all, I needed an effective business model. Lucky for me, I already possessed quite a luggage of knowledge for systematic approach to business as well as managing large amounts of funds; main difficulty was in right positioning. I had to avoid all the nightmarish allusions to various “Trusts” and “Invests”, bountifully generated by commoner’s imagination after he faces the cryptocurrency topic. I cannot even count how much I’ve met the “bubble” word during this period in different forms and various wrappings, but it happened a lot.

Beside the good business model I needed a reliable team. The amount of work needed for the successful fund activity was impossible to handle myself, and tasks required attention of specialists with focused experiences and knowledge.

First of all I needed programmers, of course.

Just take a look at the scale of my meticulousness during the selection — I had to change teams five times until I found people with sufficient level of professionalism and understanding of our endeavour. Think about it — not just five programmers. Five groups. Communication process with these quite specific people must be as smooth as silk, any misunderstanding and any abrasion in communication would negatively affect the company’s effectiveness.

Then — personal assistant. Team of analysts. Traders. Public relations. Copywriters. And each one goes through a fine sieve of required qualities and level. Working with a staffing company really helped me with that, by the way.

And the wheels started turning.

Daily struggles for perfecting fund’s strategy had to be combined with intense monitoring of new market tendencies and act not reactively but proactively, in other words — try to predict the future. Cryptocurrency market is a beast of a special kind in that regard — it’s enormous volatility and susceptibility to manipulations have brought a lot of headache to my team. However, despite all that, the machine was set and started and it began to bring good results. 2017 was a year of growth and prosperity, and the future was shedding warm light all over us. We couldn’t know then that the most bitter trials were still ahead of us.

At the end of 2017 - beginning of 2018 the Bitcoin went down in flames.

It crashed hard and far, taking with it into the abyss a lot of alternative cryptocurrencies and unlucky investors, who were not foresightful enough to take preventive measures.

We were not among them.

Yes, Crypto Art have suffered hard consequences of that fall, but once again our competent strategy and urge to foresee drawbacks worked as expected and helped the fund to survive the catastrophe.

After the initial impact, the cryptocurrency “nuclear winter” came to stay for the entirety of 2018. A lot of crash survivors haven’t endure that exhausting tenacity marathon and left — by choice or under pressure of circumstances.

We were not among them.

We kept fighting just as we always did. If you look at the situation from a cold rational standpoint — not much has changed, actually. We just had to do what needs to be done and be flexible enough for the new work order. There are a lot of expressions in the business vocabulary formed in my mind by practice and experience, but “giving up” is not one of them.

We were still in the green at the end of 2018, changes in our strategy helped us to cover a lot of drawbacks, and our openness and integrity (always a part of our creed) gave our investors a clear picture of what is happening and they stayed with us. Moreover, new investors came — those who saw us still sailing in the middle of a storm and decided to join.

At the turn of 2018-2019 the trend change loomed on the horizon. I was predicting it long ago, and our team worked with future in mind, keeping an eye on the present. A bit later the market was shaken once again by someone’s crafty manipulation — the Litecoin began to grow suddenly, and a new batch of investors who have lost their faith decided to leave the game, seeing no perspectives in this field.

And again, we were not among them.

We’re still on a wave crest of the technical and economic progress of the cryptocurrency market and still predicting all of it drawbacks and hardships, staying afloat and bringing profit to our clients.

We are becoming the best — by surviving failure after failure, getting up again and again, stronger each time.

Terms of cooperation is one of the key strengths of Crypto Art:

The minimum investment period is 1 year.

What a long-term strategy for the investor provides in practice? This is an opportunity to determine and plan financial goals for many years to come. The investor also gets time to recover from short-term decline and earn a profit.

The investor receives 70% of the profit.

The distribution of the fund’s profit is very beneficial for the client. It is 70/30 proportion: 70% receives the investor, and 30% is the fund’s reward for success. What benefits does an investor receive except profit? The fund does not receive compensation for client’s losses. We make profit only at the same time with our customers.

Asset management fee is 2%.

2% commission of the investment amount will be withdrawn for a minimum investment period once only. It doesn’t affect the fund’s profit, because the funds received from the investor helps to cover the fund’s operating activities.

The minimum investment amount is $10 000.

Our customers are our friends. The Crypto Art community consists of successful people with great experience, knowledge, worldview and ideas. We discuss important topics with great interest and we are happy to share information with you.

Crypto Art is completely different today in comparison to last year. We put the client at the forefront to hear his desires and troubles in bulk. For example, we reduced some commissions to the market minimum. So, the commission for early exit from the fund was reduced from 15% to 5%. This step makes our investors able to withdraw their investments and profits at any time without huge fines. Everyone can sleep calmer now. But can we really want to have something bigger than clients who trust us and believe in us? Certainly, not!

The alpha and omega of our activities at the moment is algorithmic trading with allocation in a portfolio according to modern Markowitz theory.

The digital currency market requires digital solutions. So, the algorithmization of activities has become a natural step for us. We feel good when the market is growing, and there’s no problem in its declines now. The algorithmization of trading processes is a great thing. Our speed of work and response to changes in the market situation are simply on a cosmic level now. Even the smartest person needs some time to complete great deal, and the bot will literally react in seconds to any changes and will make all the necessary actions by itself. It remains only to monitor and make changes as necessary.

But if you suddenly thought that we don’t use anything in addition to algorithms and miss good opportunities to get profit, we can please you. This is not all we can.

In order to ensure maximum portfolio profitability, we were one of the first who saw the potential in working with options on the cryptocurrency market. We have already developed, tested and implemented an option strategy successfully.

And then there is the good old principle of share fund organization, well-known in the financial world for a long time now: it’s being in use for more than a century all over the world. During the cooperation with us, the client receives all its classical benefits — saves time, because he doesn’t have to waste it on managing his investment, it being managed by professionals, and also saves money on the commission fee percentage: in this organization model it is significantly lower than in case with individual management. And, of course, he gets the benefit of portfolio diversification too. But the main cherry here is the conversion of share system to cryptocurrency. In other words, our client also obtains all the benefits of cryptocurrency operations — full transparency and secure keeping in the blockchain.

Considering all of the aforementioned — well, I don’t want to brag about it, but now is the perfect time to become our client or partner.

Besides, the market is promising further growth, though exact dates cannot be predicted yet. But no matter the dates — we are going to be ready for it in advance.

That is why I believe that our Crypto Art will take leading positions in post-CIS at the very least. The strongest will fall, crushing the weakest in their wake, and their place will be taken by the most flexible and adaptable ones.

We are at the top of the list in this regard.